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Products and Solutions

At AWS we understand that every project is different.
Talk to us today to find out which of these systems are best suited for your particular needs:

Fuji Clean (CE-1500EX)

FujiClean CE-1500EX

Fuji Clean Australia's domestic biological wastewater treatment systems efficiently convert household wastewater from the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and sewerage from toilets to eco-friendly waste.

The units are compact, quiet and cost effective. Maintenance is simple and ongoing operational costs are low. Resulting from over 45 years of development and experience by Fuji Clean, who manufacture in excess of 40,000 units per annum in Japan, this proven technology is now also available in Australia.

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Envirocycle (Model 10NR)

Envirocycle 10nr

Envirocycle is a unique system developed specifically to recycle domestic and commercial wastewater from the bathroom, kitchen and laundry and treat it in an underground tank constructed of concrete to a purity approved by relevant health authorities throughout Australia.

The nature-based processing separates solids from liquids allowing anaerobic bacteria (which do not require oxygen) and aerobic bacteria (which require oxygen) to digest the waste. It is then further enhanced by utilizing Ultra Violet Disinfection.


Earthsafe (D10)

Earthsafe D10

The Earthsafe D10 Wastewater Recycling System is an advanced treatment unit designed to replace old septic systems. It takes household greywater (bathroom, laundry & kitchen) as well as sewage and convert both into odourless clean water suitable for garden irrigation.

  • very high water quality
  • low power consumption
  • quality components and
    construction (high-quality
    materials - corrosion proof)
  • simple install. NO CRANE !
  • quiet - efficient - automatic