High Quality products.
Reputable brands.

We work only with the most reputable brand names in Australia such as Fuji Clean, Taylex, Eco water treatment & National poly industires.


Fuji Clean (CE-1500EX)

Fuji Clean Australia's domestic biological wastewater treatment systems efficiently convert household wastewater from the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and sewerage from toilets to eco-friendly waste.

The units are compact, quiet and cost effective. Maintenance is simple and ongoing operational costs are low. Resulting from over 45 years of development and experience by Fuji Clean, who manufacture in excess of 40,000 units per annum in Japan, this proven technology is now also manufactured in Australia.

See how it works:


Taylex ABS (Advanced Blower System)

The ABS system is the culmination of more than 15 years of practical field testing.


Taylex has used its 40 plus years of knowledge and refined many systems to create the ABS. The ABS is a simple system based on the best designed tank shell on the Australian market.

As part of every treatment plant’s state accreditation each treatment system has to be independently tested for a six month period. After the testing is completed, the system is then categorised into a grade of effluent that it has achieved.

See how it works:     http://www.taylex.com.au/concreteabs.html#features

Made from Concrete

Made from



EarthSafe (D10)


The Earthsafe D10 Wastewater Recycling System is an advanced treatment unit designed to replace old septic systems. It takes household greywater (bathroom, laundry & kitchen) as well as sewage and convert both into odourless clean water suitable for garden irrigation.

See how it works:     http://www.ecowatertreatment.com.au/domestic-wastewater-treatment#earthsafeD10

Very high water quality

Low power consumption

Quality components and construction (high quality materials - Corrosion proof)

Simple install. NO CRANE !

Quiet - efficient - automatic


Rainwater Tanks

(Available in different colours)


National Poly Industries is a privately owned Australian company manufacturing tanks for over 20 years and polyethylene tanks for over 15 years.

There is a wide selection of tanks to choose from, ranging from slim water tanks, circle water tanks and even underground water tanks.

These tanks will capture natural rain water and store it until you choose to use it. With hundreds of tank accessories it's easy for you as the customer to choose what you want an

See how it works:     http://www.nationalpolyindustries.com.au/rainwater-tanks/index.html



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